What Is My IP Address?

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How This Tool Works

Every request that your browser makes to a web/hosting server has information built in to it so that the hosting server (the computer that is sending out the desired website information) can know something about what or who is making the request. For example, if you are using Chrome or Firefox to look at a website, then your browser will send a request to the web server that includes information related to that fact. Concievably, depending on what kind of browser makes the request, a web server could format the response differently.

Similarly, a hosting server can also tell what IP address the request came from. In the case of an averag web surfer, this would be public IP address assigned to your computer or the router between your computer and the internet. It is important that each endpoint, i.e. the computers that make and send requests over the internet, have unique (IP) addresses so that servers and client computers / devices will know where and how to send the information needed for you, the web surfer, to download a given website. Thus, in order to display your IP address on this page, it is just a matter of finding out what IP address this current web server thinks the browser request came from.


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