What Is My IP Address?

Instantly Find Out Your public IP Address, and Other Useful Info

To Hide, or Not to Hide Your IP Address?


Websites have a discreet IP address assigned to them, as we’ve learned above, but did you know that your computer also has an IP address? Using this IP Address, it is possible for online service such as search engines, retailers or in many cases government intelligence agencies (i.e. the NSA) to track your online activity. This makes some people nervous, so a way of hiding one’s IP Address was invented to prevent third party tracking of this sort.

It is possible to hide your IP address via any of a number of free online services. These services conceal your IP address, or surf the web by proxy, by allowing your requests to pass through third party servers before finally arriving at your personal computer.

To "surf the web by proxy" is to channel all your website requests through another server before it arrives at your PC (which may be at your house, or potentially anywhere if you are using a laptop). This is an attractive option for anyone who does not want their online activity tracked by their ISP, major search engines such as Google, or potentially even the government.

All that to say, if you are using this tool to look up an IP and you are, at the same time, using a web surfing proxy service, then you should not see your actual local computer IP address.


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