What Is My IP Address?

Instantly Find Out Your public IP Address, and Other Useful Info

What Does an IP Address Look Like?


A naked IP address (IPV4) will look something like this:

Easy to remember right? For a computer, maybe but certainly not for a human. For this reason a system was created to associate human memorable names such as “whatismyip-address.com” to an IP Address. This way, you only have to remember an English (or potentially any language) phrase, and this phrase will direct you to the location (defined ultimately by an IP address) where your website lives. So there is a human language layer and a machine language layer, which work together to make your website find-able.

An IPv6 formatted IP Address looks something like this: cd33:8301:ab12:44:255:e5ee:ab34:34ee.

In case you thought IPV4 formatted addresses are hard to remember, IPv6 addresses are far worse because they include both numbers and random looking letters and they tend to be much longer. IPv6 address includes letters in addition to numbers because it uses a number formatting system called "Hexadecimal," which makes it possible to express very large numbers within a compact space. Specifically, IPv4 can handle a range of 32 bits, while IPv6 can handle a range of 128 bits. Allowed letters in the hexadecimal format include a-f, and of course allowed numbers include 0-9.


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