What Is My IP Address?

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What Is a Dedicated IP Address?


A dedicated IP address is one that is reserved for a specific purpose. A common reason to get a dedicated IP address is for shared hosting accounts that have an SSL Certificate installed. In this case, the shared hosting company requires the dedicated IP so that your website content can be effectively organized in coordination with your SSL Cert installation. In other words, you don't want every site on that shared server to be sharing the SSL key that you worked so hard to set up, you only want your own website content to be protected.

Having a dedicated IP address can be useful for debugging your website during any development stage because it allows you to view the contents of your work in progress without assigning your domain to it. For example, if your domain coolsite.com and your dedicated IP is, then you can view your website at as opposed to uploading viewing your site at http://coolsite.com where everyone else in the world can see it before it's done. before you finalize your changes and asign your customer facing domain to the website. NOTE: This may require some additional setup with your shared hosting company so that the IP address is effectively mapped to your hosting account's main / root / web content directory.


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